Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics CAS, v.v.i.,
Czech Association of Geomorphologists and
Geopark Český Ráj, o.p.s.

Invite you to the annual international conference

Český ráj '19: State of geomorphological research in 2019

Dear colleagues,
We would like to invite you to the 18th International Conference "State of geomorphological research", this year titled „Český ráj ´19”, which will be organized by the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS, in cooperation with Czech Association of Geomorphologists and Geopark Český Ráj. The conference venue is situated in the geomorphologically attractive area of Bohemian Paradise, near the famous Prachovské skály rock labyrinth. This unique area, formed by sandstone plateaus of Bohemian Cretaceous basin and dominanat landmarks of Tertiary neovolcanic intrusions, offers some of the most spectacular landforms.
The thematic scope of the conference traditionally covers all geomorphological disciplines as well as those of related geosciences.
The conference will culminate with a whole-day field trip covering some of the most interesting sites in the unique landscape of Bohemian Paradise. We hope the conference will be interesting and inspiring and we are looking forward for your valuable contributions.

 New information

Dear colleagues,
please notice following information on actual organizational changes of the CAG 2019 conference:

1) After discussion with some potential participants, who did not manage to register before the deadline, we postpone the deadline for registration to Sunday 10th of March
2) As the workshop appears to be unexpectedly popular, we have to close the workshop registration as the maximum capacity is already reached
3) The deadline of 15th March for sending abstracts does not change
4) 3rd and final circular will be sent to participants after finalizing of the conference programme, approximately a week before the conference

 Conference Programme

- Conference Programme (28/03/2019)
- Poster Sessions Programme (28/03/2019)
- Book of Abstracts (01/04/2019)
- Workshop Guide (02/04/2019)
- Fieldtrip Guide (05/04/2019)

 Conference cirkulars

- 1st cirkular (28/11/2018)
- 2nd cirkular (31/01/2019)
- ! IMPORTANT UPDATE ! Please read this! (21/02/2019)
- 3rd cirkular (28/03/2019)

 Workshop cirkulars

- 1st cirkular (28/11/2018)
- 2nd cirkular (31/01/2019)
- 3rd cirkular (28/03/2019)

 Abstract template

- Abstract template (31/01/2019)


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