The Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is concerned in studies of structure and properties of rock medium, rocks, derived materials and special composite materials. The subjects of investigation are natural and induced phenomena and processes affecting behavior, development and stability of rocks in their natural location in earth crust, as well as inorganic and organic materials found in-situ or developed in laboratories. Advanced monitoring and laboratory methods are applied to constitute general findings and to set up conditions for their practical exploitation.


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updated: 24thApril 2020
Photogenic Science Launched!
15thApril 2020 - 15thJune 2020 23:59 | iCalendar
The Czech Academy of Sciences invites all its employees to participate in the 7th annual photographic competition. Enter your photographs in the categories of Photogenic Science and newly this year, there are secondary categories named Elements in ... >
Archive of News | News on the Academy of Sciences CR