Laboratory of Geodynamics
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i.

Laboratory of Geodynamics is till 1stJanuary 2013 shipped in Department of Enginering Geology. Staff is listed on the site of Department of Enginering Geology.

Research Activities

Laboratory of geodynamics has been a part of the Department of Engineering Geology since 2012. It carries out and evaluates monitoring of recent tectonic movements with the help of GPS/GNSS devices. Monitoring is done at twenty permanent stations of GEONAS network. Permanent data are annually complemented by epoch monitoring on campaigns on regional geodynamic networks. The laboratory secures the on-line data transfer to the operation centre of the IRS Institute and to European data centers of EPN/EUREF network. Next, geological and geodynamical evaluation of the current vertical movements of earth surface is carried out that is obtained through the radar interferometry (InSAR) from satellite pictures. At present, possibilities of utilization of these technologies for investigation of slope deformations are experimentally studied.