Department of Seismotectonics
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i.

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Thematic research focus

  • Near surface and crustal exploration via seismic, gravimetric and resistivity data
  • Monitoring and analysis of natural and induced microseismicity
  • Implementaion of novel techinques and devices for geophysical data analysis and acquisition with special emphasis on seismics
  • Active tectonics

  • Monitoring of fluid-induced microseismicity and its risk assessment.

    Application and interpretation of seismic (surface and body) waves in a broad range of frequencies and scales (from near surface applications up to crustal studies).

    Analysis of earthquake, moment tensor inversion.

    Prototyping novel sensors and devices for the acquisition of seismic data.

    Seismic, resistivity and gravimetric data acquisition and analysis for nearsurface studies (geotechnical applications, environmental monitoring, archaeological studies, geological mapping, seismic-hazard evaluation etc.)

    Evaluation of possible Earthquake precursors in the light of Global tectonics theories.

    Paleoseismological evaluation of fault structures.

    Joint analysis of surface waves according to advanced procedures(acquisition and inversion of multicomponent data).

    Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis.

    Brittle tectonics and paleostress analyses.

    Analysis of microseismicity caused by hydraulic fracturing for unconventional resources and geothermal energy.

    Department operates the WEBNET seismic network (together with Geophysical Institute, ASCR) in the West Bohemia and it also operates a small-aperture array in East Bohemia.
    Since 2006 member of an international seismic experiment PASSEQ. The measured data are available through the CzechGeo / EPOS data center.