Mgr. Maryna Vorokhta, Ph.D.

Department of Geochemistry
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Phone - work: +420 266 009 276, 275, 378
Office: 110 (building: E, floor: 1)
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
V Holesovickach 41
182 09, Prague 8
Czech Republic
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Scope of activities

Characterization of porous structure of materials using gas sorption analyses and mercury intrusion porosimetry

Developing and synthesis of microporous and mesoporous carbon materials of high relevance for anthropogenic processes

Investigation of the ability of carbon materials to capture air pollutants, such as CO2 and volatile organic compounds

Evaluation of selectivity, kinetics and isosteric heats of sorption process



2011 – 2015 Ph.D. in Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials

  • Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • Dissertation thesis: Structure and properties of TeO2 and GeO2 containing phosphate and borophosphate glasses
  • Supervisor: prof. Ing. Petr Mošner, Dr.

2009 - 2011 MSc. in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Chemical Faculty, Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
  • Master’s thesis: Phase equilibrium and properties of chalcogenides in the SnSe2-TeBiSe2-Bi2Se3 system
  • Supervisor: prof. E.Y. Peresh, Dr.

2006 – 2009 BSc. in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Chemical Faculty, Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
  • Supervisor: prof. E.Y. Peresh, Dr.


Selected publications

P. Hozák, M. Vorokhta, I. Khalakhan, K. Jarkovská, J. Cibulková, P. Fitl, J. Vlček, J. Fara, D. Tomeček, M. Novotný, M. Vorokhta, J. Lančok, I. Matolínová, M. Vrňata, Insight into the gas sensing properties of CuOx nanowires by near ambient pressure XPS, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, xxx (2019) xxx-xxx.

M. Vorokhta, J. Morávková, D. Řimnáčová, R. Pilař, A. Zhigunov, M. Švábová, P. Sazama, CO2 capture using three-dimensionally ordered micromesoporous carbon, Journal of CO2 Utilization 31 (2019) 124–134.

M. Vorokhta, I. Khalakhan, M. Vondráček, D. Tomeček, M. Vorokhta, E. Marešová, J. Nováková, J. Vlček, P. Fitl, M. Novotný, P. Hozák, J. Lančok, M. Vrňata, I. Matolínová, V. Matolín, Surface Science Investigation of gas sensing mechanism of SnO2 based chemiresistor using near ambient pressure XPS, Surface Science 677 (2018) 284–290.

J. Pastvova, D. Kaucky, J. Moravkova, J. Rathousky, S. Sklenak, M. Vorokhta, L. Brabec, R. Pilar, I. Jakubec, E. Tabor, P. Klein, P. Sazama, The effect of enhanced accessibility of acid sites in micro-mesoporous mordenite zeolites on hydroisomerization of n-hexane, ACS Catalysis 7 (2017) 5781–5795.

M. Vorokhta, P. Mošner, L. Koudelka, Structure and properties of GeO2 modified borophosphate glasses, Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine 7 (2015) 331-335.

K. Sklepić, M. Vorokhta, P. Mošner, L. Koudelka, A. Moguš-Milanković, Electrical Mobility of Silver-Ion in Ag2O–B2O3–P2O5–TeO2 Glasses, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118 (2014) 12050–12058

A. Moguš-Milanković, K. Sklepic, H. Blažanović, P. Mošner, M. Vorokhta, L. Koudelka, Influence of germanium oxide addition on the electrical properties of  Li2O-B2O3-P2O5 glasses, Journal of Power Sources 242 (2013) 91-98.

P. Mošner, M. Vorokhta, L. Koudelka, L. Montagne, B. Revel, K. Sklepic, A. Moguš-Milanković, Effect of germanium oxide on the structure and properties of lithium borophosphate glasses, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 375 (2013) 1-6.

P. Mošner, M. Vorokhta, L. Koudelka, Application of heating microscopy to the study of thermal behaviour of ZnO-P2O5-WO3 glasses, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 112 (2012) 659-664.



Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific bulletin of Uzhgorod National University, series “Chemistry” 


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Current Projects

  • Radiolytic alteration of organic matter in uraniferous environment (2019 - 2021)
  • Resistance to brittle damage: use of petrographic / rock mechanical data for the explanation of technological-mechanical performance and serviceability of crushed stone (2018 - 2020)
  • Racionalizace nakládání s použitými sorpčními materiály na bázi aktivního uhlí (2017 - 2020)
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