RNDr. Petra Štěpančíková, Ph.D.

Department of Neotectonics and Thermochronology
E-mail: stepancikova@irsm.cas.cz
Phone: +420266009328
Office:room No.: 410, building: C, floor: 4
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS, v.v.i.
V Holešovičkách 41
182 09, Prague 8
Czech Republic
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Foreign experience and residency:

April-July 2003, residency at the University of Camerino, Italy (Erasmus project); geomorphological field mapping in tectonic intramontane Colfiorito basin

September 2003, AIQUA 8thSummer School on Quaternary Geology, Aquila, Italy, tectonic basins

April 2005, European Advanced School on Active Tectonics, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

November 2005, internship and paleoseismic field work on the Carboneras fault, Almería, Spain, Dpt. de Geodinàmica i Geofísica, Facultat de Geologia, Universitat de Barcelona

June 2006, Annual International Summer School on Rockslides and Related Phenomena in the Kokomeren River Valley (Kyrgyzstan), focused on large seismically triggered landslides

January 2008, paleoseismic field work in the Carboneras fault, Almería, Spain, Univ.Barcelona

April 2009, paleoseismic field work in the Alhama de Murcía fault, Murcía, Spain

December 2009, Advanced School on Earthquakes Engineering in Nuclear Facilities, ICTP, Trieste

January-March 2010, April 2011 internship at San Diego State University, California;field and LiDAR mapping of the Elsinore fault (San Andreas Fault zone)(2010-2012); paleoseismic field work on the Imperial fault (SAF - 2015)

March 2011, October 2013 - paleoseismic fieldwork in Acambay fault zone in Central Mexican Volcanic belt, Mexico

May 2012 - paleoseismic fieldwork in Dead Sea transform fault zone, Israel