CzechGeo-MKnet is a part of MKnet seismic network which monitors seismic activity in Male Karpaty region. The pre-2011 MKnet network consisted of 13 stations (red squares and triangles). Three stations were added in 2011 (No. 14-16, green triangles). Station No.23 (green triangle) was added in 2017. A further extension by 6 stations (No. 17-22, purple triangles) is under planning. The yellow, blue and grey circles symbolize earthquakes with magnitude ML > 3, 1 < ML < 3 and ML < 1, respectively. The historical 1906 earthquake of magnitude 5.7 is shown by big yellow star.

Stations No.14 JAL; No.15 BAN; No.16 POD; No. 23 PULA are supported by CzechGeo.

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Supported by CzechGeo.