Instrumental Equipment

Seismic equipment for continuous monitoring - RUP2004/RUP2009/RUP2012
Automatic fusion machine for XRF analysis
MarSurf TS 50/4 (Mahr) non-contact surface measurement (Mahr, Germany)
CDS Pyroprobe 5150 -Trace Ultra - DSQ II ThermoScientific
Geode 24-channel Seismograph (Geometrics, USA)
Dilatometr TM-71
Discoplan – TS
Seismometer CMG-40T Guralp Systems
Electrospunra ES-210 (Mikrotools)
Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
Extractor B-811 Soxhlet by Büchi
GC-UV chromatograph G11 (Labio)
Geoelectric apparatus ARES
Geophone SM6-3D
HTK 8 GR/22-1Gman high temperature graphite furnace (GERO GmbH, Germany)
CG-5 Gravity Meter
Water level measurement aparature
HLV 5.1 hydraulic molding press (Pracovní stroje Teplice)
IGA 100 with DSMS, HIDEN
Nicolet Protégé 460 E.S.P. (Thermo-Nicolet, USA)
Inspekt 100 (Hegewald & Peschke)
Climatic Test Chamber Model CTC 256 Memmert
LE-3D short-period seismograph
DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter
CILAS 920 laser particle-size analyzer with a range of 0.7 – 400 μm.
Optech ILRIS Laser Scanner
LECO GPX-300 Grinding and polishing machine
Material-strength testing machine
Logitech Compact 50 Thin Section Lapping System
Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing System
VirTis 4K - ZL Benchtop freeze drier
Nikon Optishot 100S (Nikon) microscope
Fluorescence Microscope UMSP 30-Petro fy Opton-Carl Zeiss
Microspectrophotometer QDI CoalProTM CRAIC Technologies with Olympus BX51 fluorescence microscope
Multipycnometer Quantachrom
Optical microscope with image analysis system LUCIA (Laboratory Imaging a NIKON)
Material-firing furnace
Heat-treatment furmace with moving bed and cracking module
Heat-treatment furmace with fixed bed and cracking module
Agilent gas chromatograph
Gas chromatograph with a quadrupole mass spectrometer ThermoElectron Trace-DSQII
BX51 polarizing microscope
Polydrive mixer HAAKE R600 (Thermo Electron Scientific, Germany)
Pascal 140 and 240 porosimeters Thermo Fisher Scientific
Radon monitor - Radim 3A
Spectro, Kleve X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Streckeisen’s STS-2 seismometer
SimpliMet 3000 Automatic Mounting Press
Quanta 450 (SEM) scanning electron microscope
Aquarius Spectrophotometer CE 7500 Double Beam UV/Visible (Cecil Instruments Ltd)
Drying oven with a maximum temperature of 300 °C, programmable, (binder)
Perkin-Elmer thermal analyzer
SETARAM Sestys Evolution 18 thermal analyzer
TERI-MOM thermal analyzer
Thermo Finnigan FLASH EA 1112 Series CHNS/O Analyzer
Thermo Scientific SURFER
Friction mills, vibration screen grader, jaw crusher, vibration mill
Viskozimetr HAAKE
HVS 130 drilling rig (JaNo)
High-pressure sorption apparatus
Equipment for photographic documentation