Microstructure and mechanical properties of ceramic matrix composites for elevated temperatures and oxidising environment


Grant No.:

KONTAKT Projekt č. 2002-8

Grant Agency:

International project: Austrian – Czech cooperation in science and technology

Resolved in:

2000 - 2003

Principal investigator:

Karel Balík, Department of Composites and Carbon Materials, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.
Karl Kromp, Institute of Materials Physics, University of Vienna


Ceramic matrix composites reinforced with thermally stable silicon carbide or alumina fibres will be manufactured and investigated. Low-cost polymers will be used as matrix precursors. The composites performance at elevated temperatures in an oxidative environment (air) will be assessed by non-destructive testing, evaluation of the fibre/matrix interface bonding, and strength measurement. Composite construction and processing parameters leading to favourable mechanical properties and reasonable thermal stability will be pursued.