Migmatitization of metapelites of the Moldanubian zone and origin of granites of the Moldanubian batholith (2001-2001, MSM/ME)


Grant No.:

ME 458

Grant Agency:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT),Programme- KONTAKT (1996-2012)

Resolved in:

2000 - 2002

Principal investigator:

RNDr. Miloš René, CSc., Department engeneering geology and geofactors, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


Prof. Francois Holtz, Univerzity of Hannover, Germany


Aim of the project was determination of constraints of the migmatization and origin of granites of the Moldanubian Zone in the Bohemian Massif. In the absence of satisfactory thermodynamic models, experimental determination of the proportion and composition of melts formed through a partial melting of the metapelites of the Moldanubian Zone still provides a fundamental contribution to understanding the origin of granites of the Moldanubian batholith. The combined petrological, geochemical and experimental study has recognized two types of melting reactions (melting of muscovite and biotite) and various types of protoliths (felsic metapelites and greywackes).


Francois Holtz, University of Hannover, Germany
Bilateral Cooperation in Science and Technology between Czech Republic and Germany

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