Landslide Hazard Assessment and Mitigation for Cultural Heritage Sites Subprojekt 024: Rock Slope Monitoring for Environment-Friendly Management of Rock Fall Danger


Grant No.:

IGCP 425

Grant Agency:

International project: UNESCO

Resolved in:

1998 - 2002

Principal investigator:

Jiří Zvelebil, Department Engineering Geology and Geofactors, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.
H. D. Park, Soul National University, Soul, Korea


Systematic monitoring of unstable and potentially unstable rock slopes is used to assess degree of their actual instability and to check changes of that degree in time, to enable an early warning of reaching the state of immediate rock fall danger. By this way, the number of technical remedial measures on unstable rock objects can be minimise to the inevitable cases – that is the ones in immediate danger of fall. The data needed to individually optimise such measures, and to check their real results, after their realization, are also acquired by the monitoring. Long-time replacement of technical remedial measures on a majority of unstable rock objects only by the safety monitoring provides an environment-friendly, and an economical tool to manage rock fall danger in selected natural and cultural heritage sites in Czech and Korea Republics.


H. D. Park, Seoul National University, Korea