Classification and petrology of two-mica granites of the Moldanubian batholith (2001-2001, MSM/ME)


Grant No.:

ME 459

Grant Agency:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, AKTION Austria

Resolved in:

2001 - 2001

Principal investigator:

RNDr. Miloš René, CSc., Department of Geochemistry, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


Prof. Fritz Finger, Univerzita Salzburg, Austria


The project was focused on the large volumes of two-mica granites of the Eisgarn type, which occur in the northern part of the Moldanubian batholith (South Bohemian batholith). These granites are situated in the northern Muehlviertel und Waldviertel in Austria and on territory of the Czech Republic. Aim of the project was critical analysis of existing classifications of two-mica granites and new designation of their main sub-types (Číměř/Mrákotín, Deštná, Lipnice). Significant part of the project was comprehensive mineralogical, geochemical and geochronological analysis of individual rock samples these various granite sub-types.

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