Research on a thermally induced anomaly (RTIA) – potential of energy storage in rock environmen


Grant No.:

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Grant Agency:

Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic

Resolved in:

2010 - 2013

Principal investigator:

Mgr. Jan Franěk, Ph.D., Czech Geological Survey


Ing. Milan Brož, CSc., Department of Seismotectonics, IRSM AS CR v.v.i.


Weakly fractured granites are attractive host rock for gas reservoirs or storing of dangerous waste. New type of usage represents accumulation/dissipation of energy in form of a heat. Both of the last two applications are main topics of the proposed project. In both cases, safety and usability of the rock environment depend on quantitative parameters like compactness, long-term stability or homogeneity. The project aims to research an influence of heat load on the stability and permeability of the affected rock mass, role of an EDZ zone for these parameters and extrapolation of surface research to the storage depths. The project involves literature search, laboratory research, fieldwork, 3-years experiment, modelling, interpretation of results, development of measuring techniques and submission of new methodics. The results will be used for planning and safety assessment of underground facilities intended for accumulation/dissipation of energy and storage of dangerous waste in a geological environment.