The use of ashes from biomass combustion and its conversion to the easily applicable fertilizer - the complex study of advantages and risks.


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Ministry of Agriculture CR

Resolved in:

2010 - 2014

Principal investigator:

prof. Ing. Pavel Tlustoš, CSc.,
Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague


Ing. Ivana Perná, PhD.
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS
Member of the research team:
Ing. Olga Bičáková Ph.D.
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


The main focus of the project is oriented to the reuse of biomass ashes as fertilizers on arable and forest land. The project target is to change the norms and instead of depositing valuable ash in waste storage site, reuse it as a fertilizer. Resulting output should be confirmed methodology of ash treatment and solidification and verified agronomic utilisation on arable and forest land.


REAL ECO TECHNIK, spol. s r.o. Ing. Jiří Mráček, Ph.D.
CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Asociation, o.s. Ing. Vladimír Stupavský
JUDr.Ing. Zdeněk Ertl, Czech Development Agency, o.p.s.

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