Research of thermal processes of spoil heaps, resulting from the mining of coal deposits, development of methods and equipment for use of their thermal potential


Grant No.:

FR-TI1/307 Program TIP (2009-2017)

Grant Agency:

Minister of Industry and Trade

Resolved in:

2009 - 2012

Principal investigator:

RNDr. František Kresta, Ph.D., ARCADIS Geotechnika a.s.


Ing. Milan Brož, Ph.D., Department of Seismotectonics, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


Large quantities of coal matter are deposited in spoil heaps during the process of the extraction of coal seams. Coal matter often spontaneously oxidizes and starts intensive burning as a result of action of hypergenetic factors. These processes are frequently long-term and they continue even more than 40 years (see e.g. colliery spoil of the Grimich Tlučná mine). The heat of burning is escaping into the atmosphere without any utilization, yet. The goal of this project is to develop methods and technology for exploitation of the heat power. All burning heaps can be divided up to 2 base groups - so called high-temperature heaps with temperature higher than 80 deg. Celsius and low-temperature ones. Research will be oriented to direct extraction of heat at the high-temperature heaps. In case of low-temperature colliery spoils with temperature less than 50 deg., the research will be oriented towards use of heat pumps. Project is divided up to 15 autonomous periods which are logically connected to each other.


Ing. Jiří Hájovský, CSc., SG - Geoinženýring s.r.o
Ing. Ondrej Ujházy, ZUD a.s.

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