New glasses and their technologies


Grant No.:

Programme of applied research and experimental development ALFA (2011-2016) TA01010844

Grant Agency:

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR)

Resolved in:

2011 - 2014

Principal investigator:

Prof. Ing. Lubomír Němec, DrSc.,


Ing. Petr Janáček, CSc.,
Glass Service, a.s.


The generally beneficial parameters of processes in glass melts providing high quality glasses will be established, involving particularly temperature and flow structure of the melt during the melting process, space geometry and effect of heating, which will result in proposal of a progressive glass melting space (second half of 2014). The general system of glass quality evaluation with respect to bubble defects in continuous glass melting will be developed (first half of 2014). The new types of glasses and their technologies will be introduced (in the course of the project).

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