Biomarkers and petrographic parameters: relationship between them and limits of their explanatory power


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Resolved in:

2013 - 2015

Principal investigator:

Mgr. Martina Havelcova, Ph.D.,
Mgr. Alexandra Špaldoňová, Ph.D.,
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


The proposed project deals with the hitherto unsolved problem of the relationship between biomarkers, coal macerals and coalification in certain conditions of sedimentation environments. Based on our experience, it is needed to address the issue what organic compounds are compatible with original plant material of huminite, vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite macerals, and with processes of microorganism decomposition. The project aims to find out where are boundaries in degree of coalification, expressed in reflectance of light and fluorescence intensity, and where can be used geochemical analysis to determine specific terpenoid biomarkers, and whether there are biomarkers typical of the basic stages of coalification: humification, gelification, bituminization. Samples of peat, coal of low to high coalification including anthracite will be selected for the study, and chemical and petrographic characteristics will be determined.

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