Evaluation of geological hazards endangering cultural heritage sites in the Czech Republic


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Resolved in:

2003 - 2005

Principal investigator:

RNDr. Jan Marek, CSc., Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science


Doc. Ing. Jan Rybář, CSc., Department Engineering Geology and Geofactors, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.
Ing. Svatoslav Chamra, CSc., Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering


After tens of years of the communist regime, a significant majority of historical heritage buildings in the Czech republic is due to the inadequate maintenance in rather poor condition, which will sooner or later require substantial reconstruction. In order to optimize the placement of the funds as well as the efforts, it is necessary to investigate first the engineering-geological conditions, state and hazards, which may influence the stability of the objects in question. We consider the stability of the elevated outcrops, hills or steep slopes, which form the landscape dominants, often being also the locations of the historical heritage objects, to be essential. The principal aim of this research is to devise a methodology for evaluation of the above said engineering-geological characteristics for the sites where the elementary research or monitoring has already taken place and thus provided at least partial input data. This methodology shall be applied for consideration and evaluation of the reconstruction projects for other historical heritage sites. Thus we expect significant widening of the range specialists involved in designing of these reconstructions proposals, which shall lead to improvement and advance of quality of these projects.

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