Development of resorbable collagen-calcium phosphate nanolayer with controlled elution of antibiotics for implants survival rate enhancement


Grant No.:

TA04010330, Programme TA - Programme of applied research and experimental development ALFA (2011-2019)

Grant Agency:

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA ČR)

Resolved in:

2014 - 2017

Principal investigator:

Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS
Ing. Tomáš Suchý, Ph.D.
Ing. Monika Šupová, Ph.D.


ProSpon, spol. s r.o.
Ing. Zdeněk Čejka, Ing. Daniel Bodlák

Czech Technical University in Prague/Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Ing. Lukáš Horný, Ph.D., Ing. Radek Sedláček, Ph.D.


The main aim of the project ("Development of resorbable collagen-calcium phosphate nanolayer with controlled elution of antibiotics for implants survival rate enhancement") is to extent our knowledge of the properties of multiphase nanostructured materials and an improvement of our technological possibilities in their preparation by means of applied research and experimental development of the new collagen-calcium phosphate nanolayer applicable on a surface of medical metal alloys implants. This nanolayer will provide a bone tissue/implant bioactive interface and will improve the physiological healing process and will eliminate the risk of bacterial orthopaedic infections. Microstructured implant surfaces prepared by application of Ti plasma deposition technique will be covered by collagen-calcium phosphate (Coll-CaP) nanofibers via electospinning technology. Nanofibers will be used as drug delivery system for local application of antibiotics (ATB). ATB will be dissolved in a source of Coll-CaP solution. Porous implant surface will upgrade wear resistance of the nanolayer and simultaneously will extent a specific surface of collagen-bone contact indispensable for successful healing process and implant osseointegration. Coll-CaP-ATB implants have opportunity to be the solution of the first choice in future therapy because the field of implant septic failure lacks nowadays of a simple and thus successful solution. They are expected to be in use especially in case of systemic (ednocarditis) or local (joint) inflammation. The development and research concerning resorbable Coll-CaP-ATB nanolayers with a possibility of controlled ATB elution is the multidisciplinary approached issue and as such corresponds well with priorities and goals of the research program ALFA. Electrospinnig of collagen nanofibers is an up-to-date progressive technology providing a possibility to develop quite new and highly competitive kind of functionalized implant – implant of a future.

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