Composite materials on the basis of glass fabrics and a siloxane matrix as substitutive and connective elements of bones in orthopaedics


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Resolved in:

2003 - 2005

Principal investigator:

K. Balík, Department of Composites and Carbon Materials, IRSM AS Cr, v.v.i.


M. Sochor, Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha
H. Hulejová, Institute of Rheumatology, Prague


The project aims at designing and developing composite material components for application as bone substitutes, requiring a simple and inexpensive technology, while possessing strength in bending higher than 300 MPa and modulus of elasticity significantly lower than 80 GPa. At the same time, the components must have a considerable degree of porosity, i.e., an open surface, which will exhibit bioactivity and stimulate good bone tissue downgrowth. An investigation of the bone downgrowth into the composite, comprising histological and immunohistochemical documentation, will be carried out on tissue and implant sections. As one of the applications of this composite, a plate to be used for osteosynthesis of long bones will be developed.

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