Research Infrastructure for Geothermal Energy "RINGEN"


Resolved in:

2016 - 2020

Principal investigator:

Prof. Tomáš Fischer
Charles University in Prague


Czech Geological Survey, Dr. Zdeněk Venera
Institute of Geology of CAS, Dr. Jan Šafanda
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS, Dr. Josef Stemberk
Institute of Geonics of the CAS, Dr. Jiří Ščučka
Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Jaroslav Pacovský
Technical University of Liberec, prof. Jiří Maryška


The main objective of the RI is to create expert basis for research of effective deep geothermal energy utilisation that represents practically an exhaustless renewable energy source. Handling of technology for exploitation of such energy will constitute strategic advantage especially in terms of enhancing the energy security and independence of the Czech Republic but also other European countries. The RI facilities will also serve to other significant building and energy industry such as subsurface construction industry and hydrocarbon extraction. RINGEN is also intended to be one of the nodes of the European geothermal testing sites. In order to fulfil the main objective the RI will focus mainly on development and testing of i) new drilling technologies in the middle - and great depths; ii) new technologies for fracture permeability stimulation for development of the underground geothermal heat exchangers; iii) technologies for seismic monitoring. Those three domains and procedures are an inevitable condition for an effective, safer and routine geothermal energy extraction as they i) decrease drilling costs that presents up to 75% of the total costs of the geothermal heating / power plant; ii) increase the flow rate in the heat exchanger and thus energy capacity of the geothermal wells; iii) minimise potential negative effects of the deep geothermal heat extraction that cause perceptible seismic events on the surface.

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