Bioartificial cardiovascular patches and vessels from porcine collagen reinforced with nano/microfibers using stem cells and dynamic culture


Grant No.:

NV19-02-00068, Cardiac and Cardiovascular systems

Grant Agency:

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Resolved in:

2019 - 2022

Principal investigator:

prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc.
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine


Dr. Elena Filová
Institute of Physiology of the CAS

Dr. Monika Šupová

Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS

Dr. Roman Matějka

Czech Technical University in Prague / Faculty of Biomedical Engineering


During cardiovascular surgeries are small calibre vessel grafts and vascular patches required. The most suitable in this field are autologous tissues, whgich are often deficient. Allogeneic or aretificial materials are often thrombogenic. The aim of the project is to create vascular grafts and patches using collagen gels reinforced with nano/micro fibres, moulded into the required shape along with stem cells. These constructs will be remodelled in the bioreactor forming a new tissue. This construct will be decellularized to eliminate the immune response while retaining the support structure. In vivo verification in pigs will involve two surgeries. In the first surgery, a small amount of subcutaneous fat and blood will be collected from which stem and endothelial cells will be isolated for autologous colobization in the bioreactor. Then a second operation will be followed in which the patch/vascular replacement will be impalted onto a Carotis. After 4 weeks of clinical monitoring, implants will be remowed and histologically assessed for overall structure, patency and thrombogenicity.

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