Organic matter dispersed in rocks - objective characterization, relation to natural and anthropogenic processes


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Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the CR (GAAVČR)

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2005 - 2007

Principal investigator:

Ing. Ivana Sýkorová, DrSc., Department of Geochemistry, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


Organic matter is a common, though minor component of sediments and sedimentary rocks. Knowledge in rank and properties of carbonaceous substances number pivotal information at solving issues in geologic, environmental as well as soil science and archaeology. Purpose of the project is to specify the identification of organic matter, and assessment coalification degree by access based on the deal non-destructive methods optical and spectroscopic microscopy, chemical analysis, and CHNSO microanalysis in kerogens. Attention will be also paid to philosophy of calorific value assessments that would speed up and specify analysis of this classified parameter of low rank. Study will be organic substances of different origin and rank, inclusive matter altered during thermal, tectonic and weathered processes. The project result will be objective definition and classification organic matter, an atlas of microstructures, above all specification of basis for simulation in geology and ecology.

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