Experimental determination of acceleration decay of seismic vibrations in the Bohemian Massif


Resolved in:

2002 - 2005

Principal investigator:

Vladimír Rudajev, Department of Seismotectonics, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


Determination of formulae describing seismic ground motion decay, duration of strong vibrations and the response spectra are necessary for assessment seismic hazard to localities of surface / subsurface buildings with enormeous seismic vulnerability and economical / ecological risk, as well. Up to now, only some empirical formulae derived for abroad earthquakes source zones are at hand. It was proved, however, that such formulae do not meet the conditions of Bohemian massif with satisfying reliability. In order to obtain autentical relationships, measurements seismic ground motion along 2 profiles are proposed. For this purpose a number mobile seismic accelerographs will be used. The profiles will be traced with regard to the sites of existing nuclear power plants, of the underground gas reservoir and of candidate radioactive waste depositories. The profiles start from active source zones (Vienna lineament and Lubin mine).

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