Microporous structure of carbonaceous substances and the significance of its


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Grant Agency:

Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the CR (GAAVČR)

Resolved in:

1998 - 2000

Principal investigator:

Ing. Zuzana Weishauptová, DrSc., Department of Geochemistry, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


The project is aimed at
a) detailed specification of the texture of the microporous phase as a matter with a system of molecular-size voids,
b) its continuity within chemical and physical processes,
c) its behaviour and structure changes due to heat and compression load.
Project will concentrate on natural carbonaceous substances (wool, coal), where the microporosity is their inherent textural property. Effect of temperature will be studied within the range up to 1000°C by means of emanation thermal analysis, pressure stressing will be realized up to 2500 MPa. Individual effects will be interrelated and their consequences assessed by adsorption, microscopy and x-ray analysis. Basing upon statistically significant number of observations, the dominant properties of the microporous phase will be specified and their model suggested. Results will be applied to technologies with considerable effects of microporosity, such as the exploitation of coalbed methane and preparation of active carbons. Owing to the fact that the scientific attention is paid mainly to the adsorption properties of the microporous structure, the conception of the submitted project is entirely original.

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