Foundation Charter

Foundatin Charter

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic based upon Act No. 283/1992 Coll., on the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, as subsequently amended, and upon Act No. 341/2005 Coll., on public research institutions, and in accordance with the Statutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic issued on 24 May 2006, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (hereinafter ASCR) hereby issues

the Foundation Deed
of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v. v. i.


(1) The Institute was established by a resolution of the twentieth session of the Presidium of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (hereinafter CSAS) held on 25 October 1957, under the name the Mining Institute of the CSAS. By a resolution of the twelfth session of the Presidium of the CSAS held on 13 February 1979, the Institute was renamed the Institute of Geology and Geotechnics of the CSAS, which became effective from 1 March 1979, and pursuant to the resolution of the third session of the Presidium of the CSAS held on 7 February 1990, its name was changed to the Institute of Geotechnics of the CSAS, effective from 1 March 1990. Under section 18 (2) of Act No. 283/1992 Coll., the Institute became an entity of the ASCR as of 31 December 1992. By a resolution of the sixteenth session of the Academy Council of the ASCR held on 21 December 1993, the Institute was renamed the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR as of 1 January 1994.

(2) Under Act No. 341/2005 Coll., the legal status of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR will be transformed from a state contributory organisation into a public research institution (abbreviated as v. v. i.) from 1 January 2007.


(1) The Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v. v. i., (hereinafter IRSM) is established for an indefinite period as a legal entity with identification number 67985891, and is located in Prague 8, V Holešovickách 94/41, Postal Code 182 09.

(2) The founder of the IRSM is the ASCR, an organisational body of the state, identification number 60165171, headquartered in Prague 1, Národní 1009/3, Postal Code 117 20.


(1) The purpose for which the IRSM has been established is to carry out scientific research of the upper strata of the Earth’s crust and to investigate geomaterials, to contribute to the utilisation of its research results, and to provide a research infrastructure.

(2) The principal activity of the IRSM is multidisciplinary scientific research focused on assessment of the dangerous effects of natural and anthropogenically induced geodynamic processes, the dynamics, structure and geochemistry of the Earth’s crust, determination and utilisation of the properties of rocks and anthropogenic materials, ecological treatment of raw materials connected with solid waste disposal resulting in the creation of geomaterials, and the development of biomaterials and heat resistant, building, construction and sorption materials of non-traditional precursors. The IRSM contributes to raising the level of knowledge and education and to utilising the results of scientific research in practice. It acquires, processes and disseminates scientific information and issues scientific publications (monographs, journals, proceedings, etc.). It provides scientific and expert assessments, opinions and recommendations, consulting and advisory services, and promotes science popularisation. In cooperation with universities, the IRSM carries out doctoral study programmes and provides training for young scientists. Within the scope of its activity, the IRSM promotes international cooperation, including the organisation of joint research projects with foreign partners, participation in exchange programmes for scientists and the exchange of scientific information, as well as the preparation of joint publications. The IRSM organises scientific meetings, conferences and seminars at the national and international levels and provides the infrastructure for research including accommodation for its employees and guests. It pursues its aims both independently and in cooperation with universities and other research and professional institutions.

(3) The other activity of the IRSM includes testing, measurements, analyses and controls in the scientific disciplines of the Institute performed to an extent which may not exceed 20 percent of the working capacity of the IRSM. The other activity is carried out under the conditions determined by the respective entrepreneurial authorisation and the Act on Public Research Institutions.


(1) The director, the Board and the Supervisory Board are the bodies of the IRSM. The director is the statutory body of the IRSM and is entitled to act on behalf of the IRSM.

(2) Basic organisational units of the IRSM are scientific departments responsible for research and development, a central chemical laboratory, and service units responsible for provision of the infrastructure.

(3) The detailed organisational structure of the IRSM is regulated by rules of organisation issued by the director after being approved by the Board.


The foundation deed will become effective on 1 January 2007 and will supersede the foundation deed of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR dated 1 September 1993, as subsequently amended by modifications dated 30 December 1993 and 25 May 1998 and Addendum No. 1 dated 22 March 2004 (the full text having been issued on 23 March 2004).

Prague, 20 December 2006
Ref. No.: K-542/P/06

Prof. Václav Paces
President of the ASCR