Ing. Daniela Řimnáčová Ph.D.

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About Me

2005 – 2011 University of Chemical Technology, Prague – Department of Physical Chemistry (2011 - Ph.D.)
1998 – 2004 University of Chemical Technology, Prague – Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering (MSc.)

Scientific interests
The interest is the environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry. The main specialization is the research of high-pressure and low pressure adsorption/desorption processes under various conditions, e.g. temperature, pressure, flow or equilibrium state; Measurement at the home-made high pressure manometric sorption apparatus and low pressure gravimetric sorption device; Adsorption of heavy metals and other pollutants from solutions, CO2 capturing and retention of water; Solid material research and complex textural and physical-chemical analyses, standardized water analytical methods; Determination of apparent density, porosity; Environmental chemistry and protection, soil, water and atmospheric pollution.

Author or co-author of 6 scientific papers in IF journals; 63 citations without self-citations, H-index 4


Current: V4 Biochar Platform

Last: Waste water association; Czech aerosol society; European aerosol society

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Colleagues from other departments of the IRSM
Charles University
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals CAS
University of Chemistry and Technology
Brenntag CR company
Czech Agriculture University
CEZ Group
NIST/VAMAS laboratory

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