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acta geodynamica

Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia

ISSN 2336-4351 (Online)
Acta geodynamica et geomaterialia (AGG) has been published by the Institute of Rock Structures and Mechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences since 2004 (formerly known as Acta Montana published from the beginning of sixties till 2003), is an international multidisciplinary journal focusing on research, applied science, and education in geophysics, geodynamics, geology, geodesy, petrography of geomaterials, materials engineering and mineral raw materials processing.
Approximately 40 articles per year in four issues are published, covering observations related mainly to central Europe and theoretical developments and interpretations in these disciplines. It is possible to publish occasionally research articles from other regions of the world, only if they present substantial advance in methodological or theoretical development with worldwide impact. The Board of Editors is international in representation.
Since 2007 the journal has been included in the Thomson Reuters´s databases Science Citation Index Expanded and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition and since 2010 in SCOPUS. Since 2013 it has been registered in DOI system.
AGG publications undergo a rigorous peer review to validate the described methods and conclusions and ensure the highest editorial and production quality.
All contributions submitted to AGG that are selected for peer-review are sent to at least one, but usually two or more independent reviewers. Reviewers´ identities are not released to authors or other reviewers, except when ask to be identified. The peer-review policies of AGG can be found on website:

Authors are strongly encouraged to use real data to highlight the novel ideas. Special sections and special issues have not been published since 2014. The PDF format of each AGG paper is the official version of record.

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Ceramics - Silikáty

ISSN 0862-5468 (Print), ISSN 1804-5847 (online)

Founded 1957 - more than 60 years of scientific information on glasses, ceramics and inorganic non-metallic materials
The journal Ceramics-Silikáty accepts papers concerned with the following ranges of material science:

  • Chemistry and physics of ceramics and glasses
  • Theoretical principles of their engineering including computing methods
  • Advanced technologies in the production of starting materials, glasses and ceramics
  • Properties and applications of modern materials
  • Special analytical procedures
  • Engineering ceramic including composites
  • Glass and ceramics for electronics and optoelectronics
  • High temperature superconducting materials
  • Materials based on cement or other inorganic binders
  • Materials for biological application
  • Advanced inorganic glasses with special properties
  • Fibrous materials Coatings and films based on inorganic non-metallic materials

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