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2000 – 2004 University of Chemical Technology, Prague – Thesis: Synthesis and properties of geopolymer hydrated materials (2005 - Ph.D.)
1995 – 2000 University of Chemical Technology, Prague – Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic material (MSc.)

Professional experience
Since 2012 Institute Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Acad Sci, senior researcher
2009 – 2011 Institute Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Acad Sci, assistant scientist
2006 – 2008 Institute Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Acad Sci, research worker
2004 – 2005 Institute Rock Structure and Mechanics, Czech Acad Sci, research and development worker

Scientific interests
• Synthesis and properties of geopolymer materials
• Study of source materials for geopolymer synthesis - use of non-traditional resources
• Characterization, solidification and stabilization of different wastes materials
• Search for possible applications according to the properties of geopolymer materials, e.g. fire-resistant materials, sound and heat insulating boards, abrasive materials and materials for the restoration of stone and ceramics
• Characterization and utilization of ashes from biomass combustion
• Determination of compressive and flexural strength of materials
• Particle size analysis
• XRF analysis
• Reviewer of international impact journals

Author or co-author of 28 scientific papers in IF journals; 278 citations excl. self-citations, H-index 10.

Publishing Activity

1) Articles in impacted journals

Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Michoinová D., Rafl J.: The characterization and renovation of parterre floor tiles in the pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk (Czech Republic). Case Studies in Construction Materials, 19, e02297, 2023. doi: 10.1016/j.cscm.2023.e02297

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Lučaník A., Šupová M.: Geopolymer-based grinding stones utilizable in metal machining. Construction and Building Materials, 363, 129869, 2023. doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2022.129869

Novotná M., Knotek P., Hanzlíček T., Kutálek P., Perná I., Melánová K., Černošková E., Kopecká K.: TiO2 Modified Geopolymers for the Photocatalytic Dye Decomposition. Crystals, 11, 1511, 2021.

Perná I., Novotná M., Řimnáčová D., Šupová M.: New Metakaolin-Based Geopolymers with the Addition of Different Types of Waste Stone Powder. Crystals, 11(8), 983, 2021. doi: 10.3390/cryst11080983
Perná I., Novotná M., Šupová M., Hanzlíček T.: Beach Sand – an Alternative Filler in Metakaolin-Based Geopolymers. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 33(4), 04021017-1 - 04021017-6, 2021. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0003641

Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Uličná K., Římal V., Štěpánková H.: The Evaluation of Clay Suitability for Geopolymer Technology. Minerals, 10(10), 852, 2020. doi: 10.3390/min10100852

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Šupová M., Novotná M.: Phase Transformations in Fly Ash-Based Solids. Minerals, 10(9), 804, 2020.doi: 10.3390/min10090804

Perná, I., Hanzlíček, T., Žaloudková M.: Microscopic study of the concrete / geopolymer coating interface. Ceramics-Silikáty, 64, (1) 68–74, 2020. doi: 10.13168/cs.2019.0050

Perná, I., Šupová, M., Hanzlíček, T., Špaldoňová, A.: The synthesis and characterization of geopolymers based on metakaolin and high LOI straw ash. Construction and Building Materials, 228, 116765, 2019. doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2019.116765

Perná, I., Šupová, M., Hanzlíček, T.: Gehlenite and anorthite formation from fluid fly ash. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1157, 476-481, 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.molstruc.2017.12.084

Perná, I., Hanzlíček, T., Boura, P., Lučaník, A.: Application of a clay-slag geopolymer matrix for repairing damaged concrete: Laboratory and industrial-scale experiments. Materials Testing, 59(10), 929-937, 2017. Doi: 10.3139/120.111090

Perná I., Šupová M., Hanzlíček T.: The characterization of the Ca-K geopolymer/solidified fluid fly-ash interlayer. Ceramics–Silikáty, 2017, 61(1), 26-33. doi: 10.13168/cs.2016.0056

Košnář Z., Mercl F., Perná I., Tlustoš P.: Investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content in fly ash and bottom ash of biomass incineration plants in relation to the operating temperature and unburned carbon content. Science of the Total Environment, 2016, 563, 53-61. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.04.059

Perná I., Ochecová P., Száková J., Hanzlíček T., Tlustoš P.: Determination of plant available nutrients in two wood ashes: The influence of combustion conditions. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 2016, 47 (13-14), 1664-1674. doi: 10.1080/00103624.2016.1206557

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Boura P., Lučaník A.: The Manufacture of the Grinding Wheels Based on the Ca–K Geopolymer Matrix, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 31, 667-672, 2016. doi:10.1080/10426914.2015.1004709

Perná I., Hanzlíček T.: The setting time of a clay-slag geopolymer matrix: the influence of blast-furnace-slag addition and the mixing method. Journal of Cleaner Production, 112, 1150-1155, 2016. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.05.069

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Šupová M.: The identification of geopolymer affinity in specific cases of clay materials, Applied Clay Science, 102, 213-219, 2014. doi: 10.1016/j.clay.2014.09.042

Perná I., Hanzlíček T.: The solidification of aluminum production waste in geopolymer matrix, Journal of Cleaner Production, 84, 657-662, 2014. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2014.04.043

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Kracík Štorkánová M.: Characterization of historic mosaic at Pfeiffer-Kral Sepulcher, Jablonec nad Nisou: a study of the mortar and tesserae origin, Ceramics-Silikáty, 58/4,308-313, 2014.

Szaková J., Ochecová P., Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Tlustoš P.: Variability of Total and Mobile Element Contents in the Ash after Biomass Combustion, Chemical Papers, 11, 1376–1385, 2013. Doi: 10.2478/s11696-013-0399-4

Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Ertl Z.: 27Al MAS NMR analyses applied to historical mortars, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 7, 153–164, 2013. Doi: 10.1080/15583058.2011.624253

Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Ertl Z.: The influence of temperature and composition on modeled mortars, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 6, 359–372, 2012. doi: 10.1080/15583058.2010.551702

Hanzlíček T., Perná I., Ertl Z., Miller S.M.: Pre-Portland cements and geopolymers, Acta Geodynamika Geomaterialia, 9 (1/165), 57 – 62, 2012.

Hanzlíček T., Perná I.: Thermal resistance of foamed fluidized bed ashes, Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia, 8/2011, 2 (162), 115-122, 2011.

Hanzlíček T., Perná I.: The alumina-silicates in stabilization processes in fluidized-bed ashes, Ceramics-Silikáty, 55 (1), 94-99, 2011.

Hanzlíček T., Steinerová M., Straka P., Perná I., Siegel P., Švarcová T.: Reinforcement of the terracotta sculpture by geopolymer composite, Materials&Design, 30/8, 3229-3234, 2009. Doi: 10.1016/j.matdes.2008.12.015

Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Steinerová M., Straka P.: Acoustic Absorption of Geopolymer/Sand Mixture, Ceramics-Silikáty, 53/1, 48-51, 2009.

2) Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Novotná M., Perná I., Hanzlíček T.: Review of Possible Fillers and Additives for Geopolymer Materials. Waste forum (, 2, 78-89,2020.

Perná I., Šupová M., Hanzlíček T.: A study of the Kladno blast-furnace slag: History, characterization and possible utilization. Waste forum (, 1,28-36,2019.

Ochecová P., Tlustoš P., Száková J., Perná I., Hanzlíček T.: Monitoring kvality popelů ze spalování biomasy (2. část – rizikové prvky, PAU), Waste forum (, 2, 67-75, 2013.

Perná I., Hanzlíček T.: Využití odpadních materiálů pro přípravu brusných nástrojů na bázi anorganických polymerů, Waste forum (, 1, 29-36, 2013.

Ochecová P., Tlustoš P., Száková J., Perná I., Hanzlíček T., Habart J.: Monitoring kvality popelů ze spalování biomasy (1. část – živiny), Waste forum (, 4, 204-209, 2012.

Boura P., Ertl Z., Hanzlíček T., Perná I.: The Experience on Geopolymer Technology in Semi-Industrial Production, Journal of Materials Science and Engineering B, 2 (4), 300-305, 2012.

Hanzlíček T., Perná I.: Popel ze spalování biomasy. Odpad nebo hnojivo? Odpadové fórum, 2/2011, 26-26, 2011.

Hanzlíček Tomáš, Perná Ivana: Anorganické odpady jako zdroj pro geopolymerní pojiva, Odpadové fórum 6/2010, str. 34-35, 2010.

Hanzlíček Tomáš, Perná Ivana: Historické souvislosti – použití odpadů z biomasy, Waste Forum, 2, 65-69, 2009.

Lectures and Teaching

Since 2012: Mgr. Katerina Cvesperova - Ulicna, Ph.D. study, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (interrupted 09 / 2014–09 / 2020 due to maternity leave)
Since 2019: Ing. Martina Novotná, Ph.D. study, Faculty of Chemical Technology, ICT Prague


Since 2016: An editor of the impact journal “Ceramics-Silikáty”.
2018-2022: A member of the Academic Assembly

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Geopolymer Camp 2013, July 8th to 10th, Saint-Quentin, France


Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Low-Temperature Physics


Lectures and Workshop "Geopolymers"
by Bruno Fabbri, Tomáš Hanzlíček and Ivana Perna, 13th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials), Ljubljana, Slovenia