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I am geomorphologist who obtained Master degree in Education of Biology, Geography and Geology (Palack√Ĺ Unviersity Olomouc, 2000) and during my doctoral studies at the Charles University Prague I focused on research of the spatial landslide distribution (2007). Since 2001 I work at the Czech Academy of Sciences and since 2019 I also teach at the University of Ostrava.

My research addresses factors and conditions leading to the occurrence of different landslide types in high-mountain periglacial environments or complex geological conditions e.g. in the Czech Republic. My recent research reflects the fact that landslides are social as much as natural phenomena and people need to deal with them at the places where they live. Therefore I am trying to understand how the communities faced the landslide hazard in the past to find the best ways how they can mitigate their hazard in the future, which will be largely shaped with ongoing climatic change.

More than 10 years of research at the Llacta of Machu Picchu in Peru provided me with great lessons of human co-existence with landslides. The Inca builders placed the mysterious city on very safe place ‚Äď high above valley bottom where recent towns and villages struggle with debris flows and floods and largely away from steep cliffs where rockfalls often occur. At the same time, the foundations of the city hidden below its terraces and squares stabilized the steep rock slopes and fragile equilibrium was established. But without continuous maintenance and careful evaluations of changes in the interactions between slope and Inca constructions, the equilibrium could be lost. But I know that the Peruvian experts managing the site will not allow this to happen.
Vil√≠mek V., Zapata M. L., KlimeŇ° J., Patzelt Z., Santill√°n N. (2005) Influence of glacial retreat on natural hazards of the Palcacocha Lake area, Peru. Landslides, 2, 2, 107-115.

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University lectures:

2013 - Collaborationg on teaching of the undergraduate course ‚ÄúNatural hazards and risks‚ÄĚ, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
2019 - Teaching of the undergraduate course ‚ÄúCitizen Science‚ÄĚ, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Invited lectures:

2019 ‚Äď International Conference: "LAS MONTAÑAS: NUESTRO FUTURO", Cuzco, Peru, organized by INAIGEM, talk title: ‚ÄěSlope stability in high mountains during glacier retreat ‚Äď examples from Cordillera Blanca, Per√ļ‚ÄĚ.

2018 - National conference: Aporte H√≠drico de los Glaciares, Huar√°z, Peru, organized by UNASAM and ANA, talk title: ‚ÄúSlope deformations around the Safuna Alta and Baja Lakes, Peru.‚ÄĚ

Supervisor (bachelor theses):
Tereza Podpinkov√° (University of Ostrava, 2016 ‚Äď 2017)

Supervisor (master theses):
Bc. Tereza Podpinkov√° (University of Ostrava, 2017 ‚Äď 2019)

Consultant (master theses):
Mgr. Jan HoŇôńć√≠k (University of J.E.Purkyne, 2011 ‚Äď 2012)
Mgr. Radek C√°b (Charles University, 2007 ‚Äď 2008)

Supervisor (Ph.D. theses):
Mariana Gonzales, National University of C√≥rdoba, Argentina (‚ÄúAn√°lisis del rompimiento de diques naturales en los Andes Centrales: din√°mica de los GLOFs‚ÄĚ)

Consultant (Ph.D. theses):
Saeideh Gharehchahi, Member of the Dissertation (Ph.D.) Committee, Texas State University, USA (Thesis topic: ‚ÄúClimate change impacts on glacier hazard‚ÄĚ)
Mgr. Jan Burda (2012): Dynamics and spatial extension of recent landslides at the foot of KruŇ°n√© Hory Mts., Doktoral thesis, Charels University, Czech Republic
Chairman of the Czech Association of Geomorphologists

Member of the Evaluation Committee of the Czech Grant Agency

Member of the Board of Representatives International Consortium on Landslides

Member of the International Association for Engineering Geology

Member of the Scientific Standing Groupd of Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountains

Member of Editorial board of the Geoenvironmental Disasters and Landslides journals

Member of the Examination Board for State Examinations and Commission for Theses Defense in the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Study Programms of Physical geography, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


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Seminar / Workshop

Taiwan-Czech Republic Workshop on Slope and Active Tectonics jointly organized by the ARDWC and National Cheng Kung University, successfully concluded. This workshop brought together geological experts from the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics (USMH), Masaryk University and National Cheng Kung University. Professors and students from various Taiwanese universities were also invited to participate, engaging in in-depth discussions on topics related to deep-seated landslides and active tectonics. 
During the workshop, experts shared their research findings and experiences, covering fascinating topics such as oblique thrust to strike-slip, application of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy to active faults and landslide masses, and other topics. Participants attentively listened, fostering rich intellectual exchanges that propelled advancements in the geological field.

Journal / Book

A manual aimed to help assess natural risks in high mountains, mainly in areas with glaciers and permanently frozen soil, has been issued by an international scientific team including experts from the Czech Academy of Sciences...

Prague Daily Monitor news

Journal / Book

Mountain Meridian (No.8,2014)

Seminar / Workshop

14th international conference, 23th - 25th April 2014, Teplice

Journal / Book

EcoAméricas.com journal, issue July 2013, see more EcoAméricas coverage by visiting website at: www.ecoamericas.com

Journal / Book

Coastal and submarine landslides on volcanic islands, their research is conducted by Czech experts with the support of a grant National Geographic Society and the Waitt Institute
- article and interview in National Geograpfic magazine

Press Release

The first stage of building a giant landslide monitoring network on El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, was completed by the beginning of February, experts from the Department of Engineering Geology Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics (IRSM) AV CR. This work is funded by the National Geographic Society grant and the Waitt Institute. Coastal and submarine landslides on volcanic islands, the largest known landslides on Earth. In the Canary Islands, they occurred fairly regularly over the last 300,000 years and probably for them were large and tsunami.

Journal / Book

Vesmír journal 90, (268-271), 2011/5

Journal / Book

Vesmír journal 89, 364, 2010/6