Database of Giant Landslides on Volcanic Islands

A detailed search of published manuscripts and unpublished scientific reports to construct the first ever interactive giant landslide database is being conducted. The purpose of the built database is twofold. At first, it will allow to investigate the spatial and temporal patterns of giant landslides and their subsequent reactivations and, secondly, it will allow to assess the hazard and potential risk posed by giant landslides on oceanic island volcanoes across the globe. The database will also enable so far missing global overview, which may evaluate giant landslide occurrence with respect to possible global triggers (climate, see level change) as in a contrast with so far often discussed local volcanic conditions.

The database will be compiled systematically on a region by region basis: the first year of the project will focus compiling information about megalandslides in the Atlantic Ocean; the second year will focus on the Pacific Ocean; and the third year will focus on the Indian Ocean. The results from the database will be presented online after publishing in relevant scientific journals.
Download database as KML | XLSX file