Department of Composites and Carbon Materials
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i.

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Instrumental Equipment
Electrospunra ES-210 (Mikrotools)
HLV 5.1 hydraulic molding press (Pracovní stroje Teplice)
HTK 8 GR/22-1Gman high temperature graphite furnace (GERO GmbH, Germany)
Inspekt 100 (Hegewald & Peschke)
MarSurf TS 50/4 (Mahr) non-contact surface measurement (Mahr, Germany)
Nicolet Protégé 460 E.S.P. (Thermo-Nicolet, USA)
Nikon Optishot 100S (Nikon) microscope
Polydrive mixer HAAKE R600 (Thermo Electron Scientific, Germany)
Quanta 450 (SEM) scanning electron microscope
VirTis 4K - ZL Benchtop freeze drier