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Archive of Quido Zaruba

Quido Záruba

>>> Enter the Photo Archive of Quido Zaruba and the Department of Engineering Geology <<<


Extensive photo archive of Professor Quido Záruba, the founder of the Czechoslovakian engineering geology, and his followers, includes over 40,000 photographs, negatives and slides depicting various dangerous geological processes. This collection is probably the world's unique archive of the documented consequences of dangerous natural processes, which spans the 1920s to the present day. These are mainly various types of slope deformations (landslides, rockfalls, torrential currents), but also photographs showing the instability of the banks of reservoirs or buildings. The manager of the photographs and archive is Department of Engineering Geology of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

In times of ongoing global-climate changes, it is essential to monitor the development of dangerous natural processes in the long term. Digitization of this archive started thanks to the financial sponsorship of the Strategy AV21 Natural Hazards research program.

The photo archive currently contains more than 12,000 photos (6x6 cm format and color slides).

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