Doc. RNDr. Pavel Straka DrSc.

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Curriculum vitae

2001: Czech Academy of Sciences (DrSc.).
1999: VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, habilitation (Docent).
1971–1974: Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (CSc.).
1965–1970: Charles University, Faculty of Science, (RNDr.).

Work experiences:
1992–present: Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, v.v.i., Czech
Academy of Sciences:
2012–present: senior research scientist;
1997–2012: head of department;
1992–1997: research scientist.
1979–1991: Institute of Geology and Geotechnics, Czechoslovak Academy
of Sciences: research scientist.
1976–1978: Institute of Geology, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences:
staff member.
1971–1974: Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague: staff member.

Publishing Activity

Selected publications
- Pavel Straka, Žežulka V., 2019. Linear structures of Nd-Fe-B
magnets: Simulation, design and implementation in mineral
processing: A review. Minerals Engineering 143, 105900.
- Pavel Straka, Sýkorová I., 2018. Coalification and coal alteration
under mild thermal conditions. International Journal of Coal Science
and Technology 5, 358–373.
- Pavel Straka, Bičáková O., Šupová M., 2017. Thermal conversion of
polyolefins/polystyrene ternary mixtures: Kinetics and pyrolysis on
a laboratory and commercial scales, Journal of Analytical and
Applied Pyrolysis, Vol. 128, 196–207.
- Bičáková O., Pavel Straka, 2016. Co-pyrolysis of waste tire/coal
mixtures for smokeless fuel, maltenes and hydrogen-rich gas
production, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 116, 203–213.
- Pavel Straka, Bičáková O., 2014. Hydrogen-rich gas as a product of
two-stage co-gasification of lignite/waste plastics mixtures,
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 39, Issue 21,
- Pavel Straka, Náhunková J., Žaloudková M., 2014. Analysis of
unburned carbon in industrial ashes from biomass combustion by
thermogravimetric method using Boudouard reaction, Thermochimica
Acta, Vol. 575, 188–194.
- Bičáková O., Straka Pavel, 2012. Production of hydrogen from
renewable resources and its effectiveness, International Journal of
Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 37, Issue 16, 11563–11578.
- Straka Pavel, Bučko Z. 2009. Co-gasification of lignite/waste-tyre
mixture in a moving bed, Fuel Processing Technology, Vol. 90,

Chapters in the books:
- Straka Pavel: The use of Lignite for the Thermal Treatment of Waste-
Tyre on a Commercial Scale, Chapter 7. In the book: Advances in
Environmental Research. Editor: Justin A. Daniels, Nova Science
Publishers, New York, 2015, pp.159–172.
- Straka Pavel: Study of the Catalytic Effect of Magnetite in the
Gasification of Chars from the Lignite/Rubber Mixtures. In the book:
Gasification: Chemistry, Processes and Applications. Editor: Baker
M.D., Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2012, pp.315–327.

Lectures and Teaching

- Chemistry for restoration of artworks
- Coal science and technology


Member of the councils for doctoral study programs:
- Energy and fuels, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.
- Chemistry and technology of fuels and environment, University of
Chemistry and Technology, Prague.
- Mineral procesing - Mineral resources, VŠB - Technical University of
- Mining and Mining Geomechanics, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava.

- Member of the editorial board of the Paliva journal, publisher
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.
- Reviewer of scientific journals, publishers Elsevier and Springer.

Další informace

Scope of activities
- Catalysts of thermal degradation reactions
- Processing of organic wastes
- Mineral processing

Currently solved projects
- Possibilities of fission of waste cross-linked polyethylene into a
mixture of hydrocarbons: technological verification of the thermal
treatment method (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, 2020–2022).
- Separation of Germanium from lignites. Research consortium, principal
investigator Czech Geological Survey (2021–2027).