Special glasses on the base of heavy metal oxides

Special glasses on the base of heavy metal oxides

The project deals with the study of heavy metal oxide (HMO) glasses transmitting infrared radiation. It is focused on the study of tellurium and/or antimony oxide based glasses in combination with easily polarizable components, such as bismuth, with potentially significant non-linear optical properties.

Base glasses and those doped with rare-earth (RE) ions are studied. The photoluminescence properties and kinetics of doped glasses are investigated. The influence of glass-forming matrix on the efficiency of radiative transitions of RE ions is pursued. The structure of glasses is investigated by spectroscopic methods with emphasis on infrared and Raman spectroscopy.

The project also deals with the purification methods of raw materials and with new processes for preparing HMO glasses in view of considerable reduction of impurities in the prepared material. Optical fibres will be drawn from selected temperature stable glasses and their attenuation will be measured. Expected results are in basic research area with the impact on future applications of studied materials.

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Grant Agenency Czech Republic

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Principal investigator

Ing. Petr Kostka, Ph.D., Department of Materials Structure and Properties, IRSM AS CR v.v.i.


RNDr. Jiří Zavadil, CSc., Institute of Photonics and Electronics of the ASCR, v.v.i.