Ohodnocení seismického ohrožení

Ohodnocení seismického ohrožení

Department of Seismotectonics are involved in a research and development project Sigma-2 (https://www.sigma-2.net). It is funded by a consortium of industrial companies: EDF (France), Pacific Gas & Electricity (USA), Swissnuclear (Switzerland), CEA (France), CEZ (Czech Republic), Orano (France) and CRIEPI (Japan). Its objective is to improve data and develop methods necessary to estimate SHA as well as possible by producing more site-specific hazard levels. Our team deals with topics in the scope of WP3-Ground Motion prediction. Jiří Málek has been responsible for several expert reports for CEZ a.s. concerning seismic safety of nuclear power plants. These reports were used during missions of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the Czech Republic. Moreover, our team has been involved in Strategy AV21, program Systems for Nuclear Power Industry, where we have developed new methods for determining seismic hazard of nuclear installations (Entler et al., 2017). One of these methods was used to compute the seismic hazard for Prague (Málek and Vackář, 2019) Within the project Strategy AV21, the stability of precariously balanced rocks is employed in seismic hazard estimates as well. This research is primarily applied to computation of seismic hazard for nuclear power plants.

We developed a methodology based on digital imaging of objects and compilation of numerical models satisfying the measured quantities (normal modes and seismic attenuations). The models are then used to estimate the PGA/PGV for the selected region.

Seismic hazard curves for peak ground acceleration in Prague City

a)for sediment localities; b)for rock localities;

c)Disaggregation of seismic hazard