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1. Modelling of glass melting processes
Research works are focused on the design and application of advanced technologies and relevant glass melting spaces under conditions leading to a reduction in energy consumption and a substantial increase in melting performance or to miniaturized compact melting spaces.

2. Batch to glass conversion and vitrification
The ultimate goal of our batch melting studies is to develop an advanced batch to glass conversion model and incorporate it in the full CFD glass melting or vitrification space model as its integral component. We are performing studies to investigate the processes occurring during the batch melting and analyze the batch thermal and mechanical properties to solve the heat and mass balance.

3. Special glasses for infrared radiation
Research of special heavy metal oxide glasses and chalcogenide glasses capable of transmitting radiation at longer wavelengths compared to conventional glasses based on classic glass-forming oxides SiO2 and B2O3. Characterization of physicochemical properties of new glassy materials with emphasis on their optical transmittance and, in the case of glasses doped with rare earth ions, also on their photoluminescence properties.

4. Novel geopolymers
Preparation of geopolymer materials; study of reaction conditions and determination of properties of formed solidificates; characterization of raw materials for the preparation of geopolymer materials and the use of new non-traditional sources of raw materials; solidification and inhibition of hazardous waste; design of possible application of geopolymer composite according to specified properties, X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF).

5. Processing of waste materials
Reuse of various types of organic waste materials by their thermal conversion for the preparation of further usable substances. Study of thermal degradation reactions and their catalysts. Treatment and use of brown coal for non-energetic purposes. Thermogravimetric analysis with mass spectrometer, gas chromatography of gaseous substances.