Department of Materials Structure and Properties
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i.

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Thematic research focus

  • Processing of biomass, waste plastics and coal
  • Use of bioashes
  • Geopolymer composites
  • Physical methods of raw-material processing
  • Instrumental analyses and molecular modelling

  • The Department of Material Structure and Properties studies the relationships between structure and properties of inorganic and organic materials as well as methods for their preparation. It develops energy-efficient production processes and environmental technologies. Individual research fields with application potential are focused on alumino-silicate materials and geopolymers, carbonaceous products and metal materials with magnetic properties. A traditional field of research is the thermal processing of coal, biomass and waste plastics.

    Chemistry and geopolymer technologies: preparation of new geopolymer materials; use of bioashes from biomass combustion for the nutrient-enrichment of soils; material assessment of historical mortars and plasters for restoration purposes; research on the microstructure and the micromechanical properties of geopolymer composites.

    Environmental technologies: organic waste treatment; methods of cogasifi cation of coal with organic wastes for energy purposes; methods of hydrogen production from renewable sources. A new research direction is the preparation of catalysts for organic waste thermal decomposition.

    Magnetic materials: creation of strong magnetic fi elds from rareearth permanent magnets for various applications; construction of highly efficient fi lters and magnetic separators. The assembled magnetic filters and separators are used in technological lines of rawmaterial and ceramicmass treatment industrial plants.