Department of Materials Structure and Properties
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the ASCR, v.v.i.

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Instrumental Equipment
Agilent gas chromatograph
Aquarius Spectrophotometer CE 7500 Double Beam UV/Visible (Cecil Instruments Ltd)
Automatic fusion machine for XRF analysis
CILAS 920 laser particle-size analyzer with a range of 0.7 – 400 μm.
Drying oven with a maximum temperature of 300 °C, programmable, (binder)
Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
Friction mills, vibration screen grader, jaw crusher, vibration mill
GC-UV chromatograph G11 (Labio)
Heat-treatment furmace with fixed bed and cracking module
Heat-treatment furmace with moving bed and cracking module
Material-firing furnace
Material-strength testing machine
Perkin-Elmer thermal analyzer
SETARAM Sestys Evolution 18 thermal analyzer
Spectro, Kleve X-ray fluorescence analyzer
TERI-MOM thermal analyzer
Viskozimetr HAAKE