RNDr. Lucie Nováková, Ph.D.

Department of Seismotectonics
E-mail: lucie.novakova@irsm.cas.cz
Phone: +420266009349 | +420605117392
Office:room No.: 201 , building: D, floor: 2
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS, v.v.i.
V Holešovičkách 41
182 09, Prague 8
Czech Republic
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About Me

I am a postdoctoral researcher nowadays at TU Bergakademie in Freiberg. I got two years to project Marie-Curie financed by EU/Czech Ministry. My main topic of interest is active tectonics, field geology, particularly brittle tectonics, geological evolution of the faults, paleostress analysis, microtectonics and fission track analysis. I love geology because I believe the world is Geological (see my blog http://geologic.tk).