Geodynamics in the cross-section of the Kola Superdeep


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International project: INTAS

Resolved in:

2002 - 2005

Principal investigator:

Jiřina Trčková, ÚSMH, Department of Seismotectonics, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


n the frame of the INTAS-314, laboratory measurements of physical and mechanical properties of rocks from Kola superdeep by the static methods of the rock mechanics will be carried out. Attention will be concentrated on determination of strength and deformational characteristic of the tested rocks under uniaxial and triaxial system of loading and their changes after their exposing to the various PT conditions. Effect of rock deposition in the various depths to the rock physical and mechanical properties will be studied. On the basis of comparison of the values obtained for core samples and their analogues from surface the changes of physical and mechanical properties (density, porosity, compressive strength, deformational characteristics) from the surface to the great depth will be analyzed and statistically evaluated. These results complement the data obtained by dynamic methods and by measuring in situ performed by others research teams.

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