Research and development - systematization of safe, reliable and economically optimal measurement for rock and slope redevelopment


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO)

Resolved in:

2009 - 2012

Principal investigator:

Dušan Dufka
STRIX Chomutov, a.s.


RNDr. Josef Stemberk, CSc.,
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


In the current time we are doing sanitation measurements of the rock objects and we are planning to contignue in this work also in the future. Concrete plan (system) for this problem does not exist. Objective reviewing method and its further development does not exist. By developing and getting in to the function of systematization product ( software ), interested persons can proceed their investment intentions, engineering projects, realizing works according to the processes and experience from the past contracts. Systematization product will be completed by new technologies , processes and materials. The price will include ecological safety viewpoint which is usually disappreciated by other supplier and project companies.


SG-GEOPROJEKT, spol. s r.o., Ing. Stanislav Štábl
ARCADIS Geotechnika a.s., Ing. Jaroslav Holejšovský

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