A US-Czech Republic Cooperative Research Program in Friction Materials


Grant No.:

EEC 9523372

Grant Agency:

International project: Center for Advanced Friction Studies

Resolved in:

1999 - 2008

Principal investigator:

Zdeněk Weiss, Václav Roubíček, Peter Filip


In 1999 a Cooperative Research Program was initiated between the Center for Advanced Friction Studies of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and the Central Analytical Laboratories of the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. The U.S. National Science Foundation and the Czech Academy of Sciences provided funding for the program. This collaboration grew out of contacts made between administrators of the two universities and a memorandum of understanding signed in 1991. Various activities and conferences were organized, and contacts between researchers were established. Important to this program was the international conference "Carbon and Carbonaceous Composite Materials" funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the two respective universities. The strong association formed between the conference initiator and the local coordinator resulted in an expansion of their respective research interests and the development of the present cooperative program. In addition to the background and organizational details of the program, the paper also discusses the delineation of responsibility, and provides details on the experiences gained from the international cooperation. An important aspect is the exchanges of individual researchers and research assistants between the two institutions, as is faculty advisement of students. Another unique factor crucial to the success of the program is the training on the use of facilities not common to both institutions. This is critical to the development of a closely-knit, joint research program. The visiting faculty also offers seminars dealing with additional areas of research. The present paper also summarizes the most significant research findings emanating from the cooperation, as well as future plans and recommendations for strengthening similar future international cooperative activities in research and education.

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