Physical processes related to swarm-like seismicity on the plate boundary in South Iceland and intraplate earthquake swarms in West Bohemia / Vogtlad


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Resolved in:

2018 - 2020

Principal investigator:

Dr. Josef Horálek
Institute of Geophysics of the CAS


Dr. Jiří Málek
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


Earthquake swarms are a special type of seismicity that occurs in various tectonic environments. Knowledge of the physical processes that apply when they are triggered can significantly contribute to the knowledge of the physical nature of even stronger earthquakes; particularly important is the elucidation of the role of cortical fluids. The project is focused on swarm seismicity in SW Iceland and on its comparison with earthquake swarms in western Bohemia. SW Island represents a swarm of world importance at the interface of two divergent tectonic plates, where the interaction of volcanic and tectonic activity manifests itself; Western Bohemia is a unique European intra-plate seismogenic area on the western edge of the Bohemian Massif. In the project we will compare both areas in terms of swarm seismicity and the structure of the earth's crust and its properties. We will focus mainly on finding (1) the links between seismic energy release and tectonic structures (2) physical processes in the focus of swarm earthquakes (fluid role), (3) trigger mechanisms of earthquake swarms and (4) characteristic structures and parameters of the earth's crust in both swarm areas

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