Stress - and hydraulic field controlled weathering and erosion of granular rocks


Resolved in:

2019 - 2021

Principal investigator:

Dr. Jiří Bruthans
Charles University, Faculty of Science


Dr. Michal Filippi
Institute of Geology of the CAS
Dr. Jana Schweigstillová
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


The main objective of the project is to characterize stress and hydraulic field controlled weathering/erosion of various granular rocks and using advanced physical modelling to improve novel numerical model for 3D simulation of erosion.
The seemingly unambiguous terms of weathering / erosion actually include a number of interrelated processes and factors. In recent years, we have shown a crucial role of stress and hydraulic field using a combination of simple physical experiments and numerical modeling and elucidated the formation of some enigmatic forms in sandstones. However, the applicability of this approach is much broader. The presented project is focused on the study of stress / hydraulic field controlled weathering processes in granular rocks. From the data obtained by advanced weathering experiments and field measurements, parameters will be obtained for the extension of numerical modeling, allowing to predict the disintegration of granular rocks. With this approach, it will also be possible to describe the influence of the stress field on the types of decay and to explain phenomena such as intergranular decay, flaking, the formation of arches, etc. The influence of the hydraulic field on weathering will also be characterized. Understanding the influence of stress and hydraulic field on weathering promises a response across geological disciplines.

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