Partially pyrolyzed composites as a light roofing - verification of climatic resistance and optimization of suitable textile reinforcement.


Grant No.:

TP01010055, programme GAMA 2

Grant Agency:

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Resolved in:

2020 - 2022

Principal investigator:

Dr. MArtin Černý
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics of the CAS


Partially pyrolyzed composites could be a full-fledged replacement for asbestos type coatings Eternit, as they are characterized by good mechanical properties and low density guaranteeing relief roof construction. Compared to standard fiber composites, these composites have a high level of fire resistance and safety, as no gases or other combustion products are generated at high temperatures. The components used to make these composites, basalt fibers and polysiloxane matrix are among the cheapest materials in their commodity. Moisture and frost resistance are essential properties that need to be verified. It will be necessary to find a suitable type of reinforcement with regard to mechanical properties and easy manufacturability.