Holocene evolution of the soil cover of the protected landscape areas of the Czech Republic


Grant No.:


Grant Agency:

Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the CR (GAAVČR)

Resolved in:

2000 - 2002

Principal investigator:

Anna Žigová, Home Institute of Geology AS CR, v. v. i.


Vladimír Šrein, Department engeneering geology and geofactors, IRSM AS CR, v.v.i.


The most important expected result of the project is a selection sites located in protected landscape territories of Czech Republic where undisturbed natural soils on the different parent materials of the different positions can be found and protected as a long term standard suitable for monitoring of environmental changes (e.g. soil acidification and erosion, acid rains, eutrophication, aerosol deposition). The previous Holocene environmental and climatic impact will be characterised by ensenble of doil analysis, first of all by micromorphology, further by mineralogy including clay mineralogy, by malacozoology and geomorphology. The evidence of anthropogenic factor in the evolution of soil in Holocene will be obtained by comparison between neighbouring natural and agricultural soil cover evolution will be help to compare recent and fossil soils whose evolution passed with no human influence and is covered by various sediments.

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